Framing Tips

Step 1: Choosing a Logo

Automotive logos are filed by vehicle brand and model type. If a logo can be used for all vehicles within a brand select that brand in both the Brand and Model drop boxes, e.g. Ford, Ford.

To choose a specific model choose the brand and the model name, e.g. Dodge, Challenger.  

Although we have attempted to offer a wide selection of automotive logos we are always adding to our offering. If the logo you want is not available from our selection, please send us your logo request via our Contact Us page (click for Contact Us page) and we will do everything possible to have it added to our selection list.

Step 2: Choosing a Template

Select single or double image layout in either 8x10 or 5x7 image size.


All templates have 2" mat borders on the top and sides and vary the bottom to fit the logos depending on the template. 

Step 3: Choosing your picture

Upload an image(s) you already have from your phone or computer library. Or you can take your best "glamor" shots by following the tips in our Photo Tips section.


Step 4: Choosing a Frame

Select from our 6 colors of frames and 2 moulding widths.


Matte Black Mirror Chrome Matte White




High Gloss Black Stainless Steel High Gloss White




Note:  Due to complexity of framing software and the variations in computer monitors the frame representations shown in the My Car Art Builder are approximations of the actual product. The sample images above and in the Builder detail are shown to better reflect the actual products.

Step: 5 Choosing Matboard Colors 

My Car Art logos are produced using laser etching technology that removes the top layer of the matboard exposing the Blackcore underneath. Because of the limited number of colors available in black core we have partnered with our supplier to custom make a selection of colors to create as broad a color range as possible. Due to the endless number of car paint colors we would never be able to match every color so follow these design tips when matting your My Car Art.

With our selection of 35 matboard colors there are 1,190 possible combinations to choose from, so where do you start. In most cases the most dramatic look comes from using a top mat that is the closest match to the color of the car and using black or a secondary color from the car as a bottom mat.

As you can see from the examples below, our 1964 Lincoln Continetal convertible can be framed in many different ways depending on the look you would like to acheive.




This example uses a Mustang with custom paint. For the first sample below we chose the closest color #26 Shamrock as a top mat and #12 Wattle for a bottom mat, but the green is too bright for the piece and this combination does not give the best result. The sample to the right was designed using the same mat colors but reversed so that the Wattle is used as a top mat and the Shamrock as a bottom mat. Because the bottom mat only shows a small amount, the green appears to be much closer to the color of the car. The Wattle mat also helps to highlight the custom stripe along the car. A second option below the first image changes the top mat to the darker #24 Moss Green which also works. The remaining samples are other combinations that also work depending on the look we are trying to achieve and what appeals to the individual. Again there is no right or wrong so experiment with different combinations of mat colors to find what you like the best for your My Car Art project.


Note: all computer monitors will show colors differently depending on the settings chosen.

Step: 6 Choosing Glass

We offer 2 glass options and highly recommend our anti-reflective glass for your car art. 

Not all car wax is created equal and that also applies to picture framing glass as well. The better products always cost more and as they say "You get what you pay for". If you want to enjoy the beauty and shine of your car when it is framed don't let the glare of regular glass ruin it. 

Anti-Reflective Glass

With less than 1% reflection there is no better way to show off your My Car Art. This is not the old acid etched fuzzy looking glass of the past, but an optically coated glass that is virtually invisible. It is the more expensive choice but we highly recommend it, especially when using a medium to dark color top mat color.

Regular/Clear Glass

This is traditional picture frame glass that is used on most pre framed artwork due to its inexpensive price. It is however highly reflective and can make your My Car Art appear like a mirror making it difficult to view clearly and enjoy.

                       Anti-Reflective Glass                        Regular/Clear Glass



Click on the images above and see the difference Anti-Reflective glass makes!